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Associations / Members

IMM Photonics is member of the following associations:

bayern photonics e.V. is a regional cluster and supports especially research institutes and companies from the branch optical technologies with the aim of generating and developing regional cooperation inside the network. bayern photonics focuses on the following technological fields of activity: optical technology for industrial production, lighting, laser technology, life science / biophotonics, sensors & metrology, optical technology for information and communication and optical design.

VDE is one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe. VDE embraces science, standardization work and product testing and certification under one roof. VDE is involved in technical knowledge transfers, research, and promoting young talents in the key technologies of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology and their applications. Other key activities include ensuring safety in electrical engineering, developing recognized technical regulations as national and international standards, and testing and certifying electrical and electronic devices and systems.

ICU e.V. is a network of innovative, locally based companies with a global ambition. The goal of the ICU e.V. is the development of Unterschleißheim as an outstanding center of innovative technologies and the expansion of the business location of the city of Unterschleissheim. These objectives are achieved through focused information exchange, cooperation between companies and qualified access to foreign markets.

Bayern International’s Supervisory Board is composed of members from Bavarian Ministries of State as well as representatives from various Bavarian economic Chambers and Associations.

The Arberland Technology Region is a technology network that promotes the exchange of experience and cooperation between business managers, development officers, specialists and scientists, thus strengthening the innovative power of the technology region.

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