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Corporate History

Starting with the engineering firm for the development of medical appliances, Helga and Friedrich Raith founded IMM Meßtechnologie GmbH. The performance measuring device for photodynamic laser therapy which had been developed hitherto in co-operation with GSF (today: Helmholzzentrum) could not be developed further and marketed due to delays in the approval of certain substances required for the therapy. The development of laser performance measuring devices was commenced in parallel to the distribution of laser diodes and optics.


IMM has been selling laser diodes since 1993. The development of laser diode collimators and modules was launched together with the distribution of the laser diodes.


Helga Raith joins the company and assumes the commercial and HR management.


The patent for a universal fibreoptic coupling is granted. Together with the quality, this property right was and remains till today a substantial guarantee for the successful product family of fibre test equipment which is distributed throughout the world.


Continued strong growth, combined with a shortage of skilled staff and the lack of rooms in greater Munich prompted the management to look for a production location outside of Munich. A suitable place was found in Viechtnach in the Bavarian Forest. The deciding factors in favour of this location were the ample availability of committed and highly qualified employees and extensible premises. On 1.7.2000, the manufacturing location at Viechtnach commenced its production activities.

Certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


IMM Meßtechnologie GmbH became IMM Photonics GmbH. The new company name links the corporate aims of the company with an international term.

Christian Raith is the third member of the company’s owning and managing family to join the company. Certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.


Removal of production activities from Viechtnach to Teisnach in an ultra-modern building. The manufacturing area is expanded to cover 1025 m², 48m² of which is a cleanroom bearing the class ISO 6.

Automation in production at the IMM Photonics plant in Teisnach: Introduction of robot-based assembly and gluing machines, which were developed specifically for the production requirements of IMM Photonics.
Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The previous managing director, Helga Raith, has entered retirement. Christian Raith stepped up to his new position as managing director - alongside his father, Friedrich Raith.
Automated fiber optic alignment.




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