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Development and Production

In 2013, IMM Photonics moved to the newly constructed plant at the Technology Campus of the University of Applied Sciences at Deggendorf. Rooms for production, storage and administration are located on an area covering over 1000 m².

In organisational terms, our development is divided into the departments of optics, mechanics and electronics. Experience, continuous training and education, together with a high degree of motivation, form the foundation stones for the successful development of new optical components and modules. We tackle your challenges and develop intelligent solutions at optimised costs.

These manifold requirements are fulfilled by a modern and comprehensively equipped laboratory. It includes state-of-the-art apparatus, including digital oscilloscopes, spectrometers, performance measuring devices, optical benches, a goniometer and a 25-meter-long collimation module. The mechanical construction is completely based on CAD (Autodesk Inventor); we use ZEMAX in the optics development, and in the electronics development ALTIUM. The simulation of changing environmental conditions is made possible by a climatic exposure test cabinet for complex test cycles of between -70°C and +180°C.

However, all this technology serves us as only as tools. Successful development work can only result from qualified specialists working in close collaboration with our customers. This is what we at IMM Photonics work for every day.

An extremely important step is the crossover from prototypes in development to serial production. Qualified engineers are in charge of developing the tools and equipment necessary, and organising the workflows in the production phase. Our specialists with their long-standing experience assume the responsibility for the alignment and electronics assembly.

All our production rooms feature an antistatic finish and are certified by TÜV Südbayern. Temperature and humidity are maintained within the narrowest of tolerances, and are optimised for the production of optical and optoelectronic components and modules. For the manufacture of high-performance laser modules, IMM Photonics boasts its own laser-category-4 production room. In addition, an entire cleanroom with work-stations bearing the cleanroom class ISO 6 has been set up. In order to reduce particle contamination at special work-stations, mobile flowboxes are deployed. High-purity nitrogen is available throughout the production area for the cleaning of optical surfaces.

For the internal communication, documentation and quality assurance, the work-stations and measurement devices in the production and test areas are fully networked. LED technology forms the basis for the lighting in all the rooms. As such, the lighting conditions are pleasant and ergonomically ideal for our employees. Moreover, the systematic use of LED lighting results in annual savings of approx. 10 tonnes in CO2.

The development and manufacture of all our products takes place exclusively in Germany:IMM Photonics - Engineered for Your Success

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