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21.11.17 Four new fibre cleaning tools

US Conec has added four new cleaners to its range of fibre cleaning tools.

The new cleaners have been developed specifically for the US Conec connector systems and are available from IMM Photonics - official sales partner of US Conec – starting now.

IBCTM Brand Cleaner MTP-16TM
(Order no.: 743 0000 204)

The proven "push to actuate motion" mechanism in combination with a broad cleaning cloth reliably cleans all 16 or 32 fiber optic connector end faces of MTP-16TM connectors. It cleans both the flat as well as angled ferrules which are integrated into the MTP-16TM connectors.

IBCTM Brand Cleaner G1000
(Order no.: 743 0000 205)

The fibre cleaner G1000 has been specifically developed for the Glenair Mighty Mouse connector series and the MIL/AERO 1.0 mm connectors. Apart from its compact design, the practical retractable zipcord and the included key ring, the G1000 - attached to the tool belt - is always within reach during installations works.

MXCTM Cleaning Tool
(Order no.: 743 0000 206)
The cleaning tool for MXC® connectors with integrated PRIZM® MT ferrule technology cleans MXC® receptacles, plugs and permanently installed connectors.

(Order no.: 743 0000 207)
Cleaning Tool Another connector family developed by US Conec, the MTP® connectors, is delivered together with the suitable cleaning tool. It can be used for cleaning MTP® connectors with integrated PRISM®MT ferrules, freestanding fibre connectors as well as connectors integrated into fibre couplings.

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