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26.04.18 New Head of Delevopment

Marcus Gögelein is new Head of Development

New Head of Development: Marcus Gögelein

Since April 1, 2018, Marcus Gögelein (43) is the new Head of Development at IMM Photonics, Unterschleißheim. In this function, he has assumed responsibility for the entire project‐portfolio management.

Following his engineering studies in the field of opto‐electronics, Mr. Gögelein worked in the area of micro‐lens development, and gained experience working in a multi‐national team both in Germany and abroad.

As an engineer focussing on optics development, he joined our company in 2008, and supervised diverse projects both in fibre optics and in the area of laser‐diode modules and collimators. Starting in 2011, he took over the production management of prototype construction, after which he took charge of the department "Optics development and mechanics" in 2015. Thanks to his various internal positions, Mr. Gögelein is highly familiar with the close collaboration and seemingly seamless transition from development to prototype construction within the company.

IMM Photonics has been developing new and innovative components and modules in the areas of laser, fibre optics, sensor technology, precision engineering and electronics for numerous customers from a broad range of technology areas since 1992.

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