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01.05.17 Opto-electronic systems guarantee steady growth

IMM Photonics celebrates 25th anniversary

"Since being founded in 1992, IMM Photonics has constantly kept pace with the increasingly complex needs of its customers. Along with sales of high‐quality standard components supplied by international partners, the development of sophisticated optoelectronic systems has been a priority from the very beginning. In close cooperation with our customers we have steadily expanded the development of bespoke systems. We will continue to pursue that path in the future." With this statement, one of the IMM Photonics founders Friedrich Raith proudly commented on the upcoming 25th anniversary of his company. IMM Photonics has consistently achieved healthy growth and has always been financially independent.

IMM Photonics develops and produces complete systems and components for international customers in the fields of medical technology, biophotonics, test and measurement technology, and analytics. Through the expansion of its development department, improved technical facilities and the development of its manufacturing expertise, the company is in a position to offer innovative and cost‐effective specialised solutions from a single source. IMM Photonics operates at two locations: in Unterschleissheim, just outside Munich, and at the Teisnach Technology Campus at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Sales are handled through distributors and OEM customers around the world.

The production location in Viechtach went into operation in 2000. In 2013, the manufacturing activities were relocated to an entirely new facility in Teisnach, where IMM Photonics has a clean room and flow boxes to minimise microparticle contamination. The rooms are static‐proofed and certified for laser equipment up to Class 4. Developers and technicians have an extensive range of test and measurement equipment at their disposal, including digital oscilloscopes, spectrometers, power meters, optical benches, a goniometer and a 25‐meter collimation distance.

The integrated development of optics, electronics, mechanics and software is largely computer‐based, and takes place mainly in Munich‐Unterschleissheim. The mechanical design is completely based on CAD (Autodesk Inventor). ZEMAX is used for optics 2 development and ALTIUM for electronics development. The simulation of changing environmental conditions is made possible by a climatic exposure test cabinet for complex test cycles of between ‐70°C and +180°C.

"Based on detailed specifications or even rough outlines, we work with our customers to develop innovative solutions. There is a clear trend towards miniaturisation and the integration of increasing numbers of functions. Our strength is the integration of optics, electronics, sensor technology and mechanics as well as the system software if required. In bioanalysis, sample processing is also playing an increasing role. Other current areas of activity are lasers for projection applications and fibre‐optic systems for data transmission. A strong focus for us is the transition from prototype to production, where we ensure that these components can be used even under tough environmental and production conditions," adds Christian Raith, the Director of Sales and Marketing and the son of the founders. Christian Raith has been actively involved in the company since 2010. An incremental, long‐term succession plan is in place.

The combination of direct contact with customers in a spirit of partnership, experienced staff with broad‐based expertise, and an expanding technology portfolio forms the basis for successful projects and continuing healthy growth.


 Press Release "IMM Photonics celebrates 25th anniversary"

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