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02.05.18 Robot-based assembly and gluing machines

Automation in production at the IMM Photonics plant in Teisnach

Following a planning, realisation and testing phase spanning around 1 1/2 years, the first robot‐based machine for the affixing of glue beads entered its productive phase at the IMM Photonics plant in Teisnach (Lower Bavaria) at the end of 2017. Only three months later, a second robot‐based machine was commissioned.

The machines, which were developed specifically to meet the production requirements of IMM Photonics, serve the automatic assembly and affixing of lenses in mechanisms. The modular design of the machines allows for simple refitting to adapt to various lenses and mechanisms.

"Thanks to the automation, we are able to increase annual production to 300,000 pieces with our single‐shift operations. Primarily, however, we are able to relieve our employees' workload and create improved working conditions," says a very pleased Friedrich Raith, managing director of the company.

Worthy of mention is the fact that a large part of the planning works and construction of the machines was performed by companies based in the neighbouring regions of the production location.

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