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04.07.17 Thermally Stable Singlemode Pigtail

– No TEC Required (thermoelectric cooler)

The unique feature of IMM Photonics’ laser diode module with singlemode coupling is its highly stable performance across a wide range of temperatures. The module is cooled solely using a passive system – no TEC (thermoelectric cooler) is required.

The construction consists of a compact pigtailed housing featuring an integrated electronic control system that can also be modulated as required. Power consumption is primarily determined by the applied laser diode (e.g. P = 1 mW, λ = 635 nm, Imax = 50 mA), which is coupled with the housing in a way that ensures mechanical and thermal stability.

A special glass asphere is placed in the optical path and focuses the diode’s divergent laser beam directly onto the singlemode fibre (~3.5 μm core diameter). During the production process, the fibre is actively adjusted, allowing the coupling effect to be maximised (up to 50%).

The fibre-coupled singlemode module can be employed wherever a high degree of temperature stability and robustness is required but space and power supply are limited. The module thus lends itself to applications in measurement technology and medical engineering, industry and research as well as in surveying. Bespoke modifications can be made at the customer’s request.

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