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Optoelectronics and Components

Fiber Optic Couplers (Gould Fiber Optics)

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RGB / RGBV Combiner Display Systems, Sensors, Biomedical Equipment, Laser Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Microscopy
Multimode Fiber Optic Pump Combiner Medical Applications, Laser and Spectroscopy, Applications, Sensors, Defense


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Wavelength independent Couplers (WIC) Two Color OTDR, Full Duplex Transmission, Multi-Color Sensors, Trunk/Loop Branching
Wavelength Flattened Couplers (WFC) Instrumentation, CATV Distribution, DWDM Systems, Trunk / Loop Branching
Polarization Maintaining Couplers Defense, Gyroscope, Telecom, Medical, Sensors
Polarization Maintaining WDM Couplers Defense, Gyroscope, Telecom, Instrumentation, Fiber Lasers, Medical, Sensors, EDFA
High Precision Tap Coupler Sensors, Fiber Amplifiers, Fiber Lasers, Test and Measurement
Multimode & Large Core Coupler Medical Sensors, Fiber Optic Instrumentation, Local Area Networks


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Circulators Telecom, Biomedical, Oil and Gas, Laser Applications, Instrumentation, Test and Measurement
Polarisation Maintaining Circulators Fiber Optical Instruments, Fiber Sensors


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Isolators Telecom, Laser Application Instrumentation, EDFA, Test and Measurements
Polarization Maintaining Isolators Fiber Optical Lasers, Optical Transmitters & Transceivers, Fiber Amplifiers, Fiber Sensors
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