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Power Management iC's

Power Management iC's provide flexible autarky power supply solutions for industrial and automotive applications from a wide supply voltage range.

Applications: Industrial sensors, rotary and linear encoders

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Power Management iC's

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iC-DC 2-Channel Buck/Boost DC/DC Converter
iC-JJ Power Management IC with Autarky Function
iC-WD Switched-Mode Dual 5 V Regulator for 8 V to 36 V
iC-WDA Switched-Mode Dual 3.3 V Regulator for 8 V to 36 V
iC-WDB Switched-Mode 3.3 V (200 mA) and 5 V Regulators for 8 V to 36 V
iC-WDC Switched-Mode 3.3 V and 5 V (200 mA) Regulators for 8 V to 36 V
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