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Optical Flats

Precision optical flats are fused silica optical components that are used as a reference against which the flatness of an unknown surface can be determined. For less demanding jobs we offer them made from BK7 with a flatness specified as λ/4 or better.

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Overview standard products:

Diameter (mm)Thickness (mm)

Each standard products can be made from BK7 or ​​fused silica and with single or dual surface.

Material BK7 Fused Silica
Size 25 mm to 200 mm 25 mm to 200 mm
Flatness λ/4 λ/10, λ/20
Back surface (single) 1 to2 λ @ 633 nm 1 to 2 λ @ 633 nm
Surface quality 60/40 scratch/dig 60/40 scratch/dig
Parallelism < 1 min < 1 min
Diameter tolerance ± 1 mm ± 1 mm
Thickness tolerance ± 1.5 mm ± 1.5 mm
Surface Single sided and double sided Single sided and double sided




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