May 04, 2020

UV-C LEDs for disinfection and sterilisation

IMM Photonics now offers powerful UV-C LEDs manufactured by the South Korean producer and IMM Photonics partner Seoul Viosys.

For the wavelength 275 nm the product range includes the 1chip or 4chip SMT devices CUD8AF1D and CUD8AF4D with 19 mW and 60 mW high power output respectively. The view angle for both LED types is 120 degrees. The aluminium metal body ensures high thermal conductivity. The small size and low energy consumption of the UV-C LEDs allows for quick and easy integration into existing design concepts.

The main applications of UV-C LEDs are the disinfection and sterilisation of surfaces, water and air. Possible fields of application are household appliances, sanitary facilities, analytical equipment, spectroscopy and medical technology.