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About us

About us

IMM Photonics – expertise since 1992

With our well established presence on the market, for over 30 years we at IMM Photonics have provided trust-based and successful support to customers from a range of technological fields with the production of innovative components and modules. Our standard optical and optoelectronic products are produced in-house at our two German business locations and by selected partner manufacturers – for truly high-tech products made in Germany.

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Innovative and versatile: our standard products

Manufactured in-house or by selected partners: Our high-quality standard products include laser diode modules and collimators, fibre optic components, fibre fault locators and UV light sources for UV curing. All products can be enhanced and adapted to the customer’s specific needs.

Produced on site: our customised solutions

At our business location in Teisnach, we develop solutions that are tailored to the customer’s specifications, including in-house prototypes and product series. We always develop these individual solutions with the customer’s full specifications, budget and time constraints in mind.

IMM Photonics – high-tech products made in Germany

We make the optical and optoelectronic components of the future. Our two business locations for development and production, one in Unterschleißheim near Munich and one in Teisnach in Lower Bavaria, meet the highest technical standards and are equipped with modern production rooms.

We use modern CAD and simulation solutions for mechanical construction and for developing optics and electronics, thus allowing a seamless transition from prototype construction to batch production.

Our production equipment:
  • Air-conditioned rooms and electrostatic protected area (EPA) in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • Production rooms for Class 3B and 4 lasers
  • Cleanroom with ISO 6 classified workstations
  • Special darkrooms and collimation lines
  • 3D printer for tool making and batch production
  • Laser marker
  • Robotics for curing processes and adjustment processes for large batches
  • Use of mobile flow boxes for increased cleanliness
At IMM Photonics, our added value is that we carry out our production in Germany and can make use of regional synergies.

Our Teisnach business location in particular benefits from its proximity to the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, which provides access to the latest findings in measuring technology, production engineering and process development. We work closely with the companies operating on the technology campus to ensure an optimal transfer of knowledge, which allows us to make use of a wide range of synergies.

IMM Photonics – Our History

  • IMM Meßtechnologie GmbH founded by Helga and Friedrich Raith

  • Laser diode collimators and modules developed, laser diodes marketed

  • Patent for a universal fibre optic connector granted

  • Viechtach production site opened

  • Quality management system introduced and first DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification obtained

  • Company name changed to IMM Photonics GmbH

  • The founders’ son, Christian Raith, joins the family business; DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification obtained

  • Production site relocated to the Teisnach technology campus with ISO 6 classified cleanroom workstations

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification obtained

  • Semi-automated collimator production introduced

  • Christian Raith joins the Company’s Management Board; automated fibre optic adjustment introduced

  • IMM Photonics celebrates its 30th anniversary

  • Christian Raithtakes over sole management of the company


Christian Raithtakes over sole management of the company

The highest standards for the environment and our customers

We view conserving resources as part of our job and as a key quality standard. Just as importantly, we consistently and regularly optimise our processes to ensure smooth workflows and a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Do you feel at home in the high-tech and innovation world? We are always looking for capable and enthusiastic new employees to join our team. Even if we have no vacancies at a particular time, we are happy to receive speculative applications that show engagement.

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