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    Prisms are transparent optical blocks with at least two flat, polished sides at precisely controlled angles to each other in order to refract, deflect and rotate light beams and to scatter their wavelengths. There are many types of prism with specific forms to achieve the necessary reflections for a particular optical task. The Tower Optical prism range includes penta prisms, right-angled prisms, dove prisms, roof prisms, corner cube reflectors, anamorphic prisms, wedge prisms and polarisers, which are called Glan-Taylor prisms, Wollaston prisms and Rochon prisms.
      • Right-angled prisms
      • Three quality standards: standard grade, high grade and laser grade
      • Also available in UV-grade fused silica
      • Available coated and uncoated
    • SpecificationsStandard GradeHigh GradeLaser Grade
      MaterialBK7 grade A glassBK7 grade A glassBK7 grade A glass
      Sizes0.5 mm to 80 mm0.5 mm to 80 mm0.5 mm to 80 mm
      Dimensional tolerance± 0.2 mm± 0.1 mm± 0.1 mm
      Flatnessλ/2 @ 632.8 nmλ/4 @ 632.8 nmλ/10 @ 632.8 nm
      Angular tolerance± 3 arc min± 30 arc min± 30 arc min
      Surface quality60/40 scratch/dig40/20 scratch/dig20/10 scratch/dig
      Pyramid error< 10 arc min< 10 arc min< 5 arc min
      Bevel0.2 mm ~ 0.5 mm x 45°0.2 mm ~ 0.5 mm x 45°0.25 mm x 45°
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