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    ilumCURE 2G UV curing

    Programmable UV light source for reproducible curing of UV adhesives at a central wavelength of 365 nm or 405 nm. Continuous exposure and timer- and interface-controlled exposures with adjustable intensity are available. Suitable for mobile and stationary use (e.g. in automatic manufacturing).
      • Programmable UV light source for mobile and stationary use
      • Continuous exposure, timer- and interface-controlled exposures
      • Central wavelength 365 nm or 405 nm, additional wavelengths on request
      • Robust aluminium casing, anodised
      • Quick charging function
      • Packaging: systainer or quadrosafe options available
      • Optional: Vario lenses N and W (for homogeneous lighting of large areas)
    • Programmable UV light source - with 250 mW at 365 nm
      - with 290 mW at 405 nm
      Operating time 3.5 hours
      Battery Li-ion/3.6 V, 2250 mAh, replaceable
      Charge via USB
      Length 185 mm
      Max. Diameter 27.5 mm
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