• IBC-Brand-Cleaner-MDC

    Fiber cleaner IBC™ Brand Cleaner MDC

    Patentierter Glasfaserreiniger (US Conec) zur Reinigung von on 1,25 mm-Steckern wie MDC. The cleaning pin turns while the cleaning band is drawn over the fibre end surface. This ensures that the fibre end surface is left clean after a single cleaning operation.
      • 525+ cleaning operations per device
      • Antistatic system produces an impeccable final surface and minimises the attraction of contaminants
      • Cleans cables in the hand as well as those behind the plate
      • Non-fraying cloth design
      • Single press to clean
    • Cable assembly plants

      Field installations: Cable assembly cleaning

      On-site installations: Cleaning in situ/behind the field connectors

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