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  • Lasserdiode VCSEL 850 nm

    Single mode VCSEL 850 nm

    With its round beam cross-section and fixed polarisation alignment, the single mode VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) 850 nm offers special features that are essential for certain applications in industry and life science. Thus, the VCSEL in it’s compact TO housing is an efficient and cost-effective laser light source for optical sensors, e.g. for distance or speed measurement.
  • Single mode vcsel 850nm photodiode

    Singlemode VCSEL 850 nm with photodiode

    Then new 850 nm VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) offers a lot of advantages: circular beam profile, transversal and longitudinal single-mode emission, as well as a Polarization locked emission. Mounted in a TO-46 can, the unit features a photodiode for power monitoring. Typical applications are optical sensing, imaging, LIDAR and time-of-flight measurement.
      • Single mode VCSEL laser diode
      • Wavelength 850 nm
      • Optical power 0.9 mW
      • Circular beam profile, Gaussian
      • Single transverse and longitudinal mode
      • Polarization locked emission
      • Compact TO-46 can, with integrated photodiode
      • VCSEL chip by Coherent
      • High reliability
      • RoHS compliant
      • Made in Europe
    • Optical sensor applications>
      Optical encoder
      2D imaging (facial recognition)
      Industrial speed and distance sensors (LIDAR)

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