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    Laser module ilumVISION

    The ilumVISION is a laser diode module for complex lighting functions in the field of machine vision. The Lasermodule with homogeneous line is used for applications requiring lighting that is as homogeneous as possible. The “thin line” or “high depth of focus” options allow particularly small structures to be broken down with the laser module or large work areas to be implemented.
  • Lasermodule für Machine Vision Anwendungen

    Laser module ilumVISION industrial

    ilumVISION industrial is a ruggedized laser module for machine vision applications. The laser diode modules are set to a fixed focus distance, which can be adjusted at the factory to meet customer requirements. The laser is offered as a fixed focus product with different optical patterns (diffractive optics) or as a homogeneous line. The DOE can be used to map patterns such as multi-lines, crosses, dot matrices, viewfinders or concentric circles.

    Fibre-coupled line laser modules ilumFIBER VISION

    This line laser modules with a homogeneous beam profile has been developed for special applications and is primarily offered as a customised solution. The fibre-coupled line laser modules are with different opening angles, wavelengths, output ratings and line options available. Thanks to its compact and robust design, the laser module ilumFIBER VISION is highly suitable for integration into existing measurement systems.
      • Fibre-coupled line laser module (520 nm, 60°)
      • Line laser with homogeneous beam profile
      • Laser module with high beam quality at the fibre output (TEM00 mode)
      • Passively cooled, robust singlemode pigtail laser
      • Laser module with compact design for integration into larger systems
      • Flexible separation between laser source and optics
      • Collimated/focused laser diode modules
      • Customised laser module solutions can be produced on request
    • Wavelength 520 nm, 660 nm
      Optical output rating 35 mW (520 nm)/60 mW (660 nm)
      Casing dimensions 25.5 mm x 25.5 mm x 35 mm
      Line options Collimated/focused
      Line length (1 m spacing) 1.3 m
      Line width (collimated/focused @0.5 m, @1 m, @1.5 m) 1 mm – 2 mm/0.45 mm, 0.75 mm, 1 mm
      Laser protection class 1 – 3B
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