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Laser and optoelectronic systems for industrial applications

More and more indispensable: Laser and optoelectronic systems in the industrial fields of sensor technology, mold detection, gas detection or material processing.

Our portfolio for industrial applications:


Laser light barriers

Wherever positions have to be determined very precisely, the use of laser light barriers is suitable. We offer a whole range of components for the construction of laser light barriers:

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Laser distance measurement

Laser range finding is used in many fields, from industry to construction, geodesy to safety engineering and autonomous driving. Triangulation and LIDAR are suitable measurement methods. We offer the following components for the assembly of laser rangefinders:

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Barcode scanning

Logistics is no longer imaginable without barcode scanning – whether in logistics centers or at baggage check-in at the airport. We offer the following components for this purpose:

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Particle measurement technology

Particle measurement technology can be found in environmental technology, clean room technology or also in the production of emulsions. We offer a whole range of components for particle measurement technology:

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Interferometry is often used for very precise measurements and surface qualification. The following components from our portfolio are suitable for the construction of interferometers:

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Position detection

Position detection is used on machines as well as for monitoring bridge foundations. We offer the following components for position detection:

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Air transmission

If cables for data communication are difficult to route, such as in high-bay warehouses or across public spaces, data transmission can also take place through the air. These components can be used for this purpose:

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Fiber optic transmission

For interference-free data communication, the transmission of data via optical fibers is particularly well suited – especially where electromagnetic interference can occur. We offer the following components for fiber optic transmission lines:

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Silicon photonics

Silicon Photonics is a forward-looking technology: The integration of photonic components on silicon wafers offers a wide range of applications. For this purpose we offer with our partner QD Laser Inc. customer-specific solutions.

Flame detection

UV detectors are used wherever flames have to be monitored – e.g. in heating systems. With the detectors, a flame can be clearly distinguished from hot objects. You can find our portfolio here:

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Microlaser processing

Microlaser processing is already used in many areas. Very short pulse durations in particular are important for clean machining edges and low thermal influences on the material to be machined.

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Material alignment

If mechanical stops are not possible for aligning materials in the production process, line or cross line lasers are used. We offer the following products for this purpose:

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UV curing

UV adhesives are often used for fast bonding or for fixing components. We offer both devices and components for this technology.

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UV drying

UV drying is mainly used in the printing sector. We offer the following components for this purpose:

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UV measurement

Dosimetry is very important for the unerring application of UV curing and drying processes. We offer the following solutions for this:

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Laser light-sectioning method

For position-independent and accurate measurement of geometries, it is necessary that the fanned-out laser beam has the same width at every position and a homogeneous power distribution. We offer suitable laser diode modules for this purpose.

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Stereo image processing

In stereo image processing, a three-dimensional image of an object can be captured. For this measurement method we offer laser diode modules with pattern generator.

Laser projection

If components have to be positioned flexibly or components cannot be placed against fixed stops due to their structure, laser projectors are often used. We offer the following products for this purpose:

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