June 03, 2020

Generation change at IMM Photonics

MM Photonics GmbH entered the 2020 fiscal year with a change in management. On 1 January 2020, Christian Raith stepped up to his new position as managing director – alongside his father, Friedrich Raith – of the family-owned company that was established in 1992.

The previous managing director, Helga Raith, has entered retirement. As commercial manager, Mrs. Raith successfully led the company over the last 25 years.

Christian Raith boasts of several years of experience in the company. Mr. Raith, who is a graduate engineer, has been with the IMM Photonics team since 2010, and took over management of the sales force in 2014. As the founder’s son, he has been intensively preparing for his role as successor over the past three years; this has allowed for a smooth transition to his leading role as managing director.