March 11, 2020

NEW FIBER OPTIC FAULT LOCATOR – optionally with battery operation

For the localization of fiber breaks, for continuity testing or for the identification of stressed fiber areas IMM Photonics offers different fiber test devices including adapters and fiber cleaners.

The proven fiber optic fault locator FIBERPOINT® ET is now available in two further product variants. In addition to the conventional FIBERPOINT® ET with red laser light and battery power, the fiber optic fault locator is now also available in a version with green and red laser light, both battery-powered and equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Optically, the fiber testers differ in their clip color, allowing for quick and easy use of the tools. The FIBERPOINT® ET G with green clip operates at 520 nm (green light source), the FIBERPOINT® ET mit rotem Clip operates at 650 nm (red light source). The optical output power is < 400 μW.

Unlike the FIBERPOINT® ET with blue clip, the new continuity testers feature rechargeable batteries. A further contribution to sustainability to save important resources.

As with all fiber optic fault locators of the FIBERPOINT® series, customer-specific inscription is possible, e.g. with your own company logo.

All three FIBERPOINT® ET devices boast a laser class 1 certification, hence no laser protection measures are required. The production takes place exclusively in Germany.