Werkleiter Stephan Höfelschweiger
October 26, 2023

Plant manager IMM Photonics retires

After almost 20 years, Stephan Höfelschweiger retired with his colleagues on September 28, 2023.

Mr. Höfelschweiger took over responsibility for 16 employees as plant manager in Viechtach in 2004 and confidently guided IMM Photonics through all the ups and downs of the company’s history.

In 2013, the number of employees had risen to 25 under Mr. Höfelschweiger’s management and the decision was made to relocate the production facilities from Viechtach to Teisnach.

Mr. Höfelschweiger also mastered this situation with his usual aplomb. He managed the planning of the interior design of the building and the move without any problems. After only 3 days, production was able to resume in the new plant and the number of employees has now increased to 35.

IMM Photonics has not only benefited from Mr. Höfelschweiger’s organizational, economic and strategic decisions, but also from his intuition for the employees and the potential that lies within each individual. He has also systematically encouraged them, which has made it possible to recruit the current plant manager Christian Pritzl and his deputy Sandra Schwürzinger from within the company.

To put it in the words of the management: “Without Mr. Höfelschweiger, IMM Photonics would not be what it is today”!

IMM Photonics wishes Mr. Höfelschweiger all the best for the future.